Message from the Editor

Wm Shrewsbury, NSS #22677RL (Chattanooga, TN)

This issue marks the end of my material. I have one article and this year's Vertical Section report. Nothing else. Nada Zip.

We are asking you, the reader, to keep an eye out for articles or ideas for articles. This publication thrives on user input. Without input, the next issue slips further and further into the future.

If you have an article or photo that you think we could use, send it to us. I know there are some cavers out there working on new gear. What better way to introduce it than through the Nylon Highway? Send your articles and photos.

In the past few years, I devoted an enormous amount of time chairing the 1998 NSS Convention. This, along with other things in my life, has kept these last two issues out of your hands for an unreasonably long time. However, now that we have no more material, the next issues will be held up by our faithful readers. Please, take some time out to put your thoughts to paper. We would all like to read them. Thank you.

Keep that Nylon Highway warm! May your rack bars sing and you always be safe!

Cave Softly and Carry a Long Rope,

Wm Shrewsbury, Editor
Wm Shrewsbury, NH Editor


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