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  1. The Frog System - Revised,   by Peter Penczer

  2. Karabiner Breakings When Using a Figure-of-Eight,
      by Neville McMillan - (View/Download as PDF file - 79kB)

  3. Fall Factors & Life Safety Ropes: A Closer Look,
      by Chuck Weber - (View/Download as PDF file - 71kB)

  4. Book Review: Alpine Caving Techniques: ...
      reviewed by Jay P. Kennedy, MD

  5. Long-life Bolts: What are the Options?,
      by Jeff Butt - (View/Download as PDF file - 216kB)

  6. Rappel Accident at Bridge Day 2002,   by Tim White et al

  7. Secretary's Report - 2002 Meeting,   by David Joaquim

  8. Treasurer's Report - 2002 Meeting,   by David Joaquim


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