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  1. Prolonged Suspension in an Alpine Harness (PDF, 579Kb), by Roger B. Mortimer, MD

  2. Typecasting The Vertical Caver - Part II (PDF, 427Kb), by John Woods

  3. Yellow Spur Rope Failure Investigation
      (PDF, 1.0Mb), by Rocky Mountain Rescue Group

  4. Minutes of 2010-2011 Executive Committee E-Meetings (PDF, 11Kb),   by Bill Boehle

  5. Minutes of Executive Committee Meeting of 7-17-2011 (PDF, 12Kb),   by Bill Boehle

  6. Minutes of Section General Meeting of 7-20-2011 (PDF, 20Kb),   by Bill Boehle

  7. Secretary's Report - 2011 (PDF, 3Kb),   by Bill Boehle

  8. Treasurer's Report - 2011 (PDF, 4Kb),   by Bill Boehle

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