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  1. Breaking Strengths for Basket Hitches & W3P2 Webbing Anchors (PDF, 150Kb),
      by Thomas Evans and Aaron Stavens

  2. Are Your Cow's Tails Safe? (PDF, 300Kb),   by Bob Mehew

  3. Minutes of 2011-2012 Executive Committee E-Meetings (PDF, 11Kb),   by Bill Boehle

  4. Minutes of 2011-2012 Executive Committee E-Meetings, Part 2 (PDF, 8Kb),   by Bill Boehle

  5. Minutes of Executive Committee Meeting of 6-24-2012 (PDF, 12Kb),   by Bill Boehle

  6. Minutes of Section General Meeting of 6-27-2012 (PDF, 22Kb),   by Bill Boehle

  7. Secretary's Report - 2012 (PDF, 3Kb),   by Bill Boehle

  8. Treasurer's Report - 2012 (PDF, 4Kb),   by Bill Boehle

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