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  1. Effects of Pathogen Decontamination on the Strength of Climbing Rope and
    Harness Equipment
      (PDF, 12.6Mb),   by Throop and Kees (US Forest Service)

  2. Minutes of the 2015 VSEC Meeting   (PDF, 46Kb),   by Ray Sira

  3. Minutes of the 2015 VS General Meeting   (PDF, 75Kb),   by Ray Sira

  4. Secretary's Report - 2016   (PDF, 34Kb),   by Ray Sira

  5. Treasurer's Report - 2016   (PDF, 59Kb),   by Ray Sira

  6. Symbolic Items Report - 2016   (PDF, 4Kb),   by Bill Boehle

  7. Minutes of the 2016 VSEC E-Meeting   (PDF, 70Kb),   by Terry Mitchell

  8. Minutes of the 2016 VSEC Meeting   (PDF, 46Kb),   by Ray Sira

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