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  1. Secretary's Report - 2017   (PDF, 70Kb),   by Ray Sira

  2. Treasurer's Report - 2017   (PDF, 162Kb),   by Ray Sira

  3. Minutes of the 2017 VSEC Meeting   (PDF, 54Kb),   by Ray Sira

  4. Minutes of the 2017 VS General Meeting   (PDF, 72Kb),   by Ray Sira

  5. Secretary's Report - 2018   (PDF, 88Kb),   by Ray Sira

  6. Treasurer's Report - 2018   (PDF, 107Kb),   by Ray Sira

  7. Minutes of the 2018 VSEC Meeting   (PDF, 614Kb),   by Ray Sira

  8. Minutes of the 2018 VS General Meeting   (PDF, 831Kb),   by Ray Sira

  9. Secretary's Report - 2019   (PDF, 88Kb),   by Ray Sira

  10. Treasurer's Report - 2019   (PDF, 109Kb),   by Ray Sira

  11. Minutes of the 2019 VSEC Meeting   (PDF, 121Kb),   by Ray Sira

  12. Minutes of the 2019 VS General Meeting   (PDF, 179Kb),   by Ray Sira

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