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2008 Vertical Section Photos

Lake City, FL

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All Photos are courtesy of Dick Mitchell and Gary Bush

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Registrtation Getting Ready Family Support
Bill C., Bill T., Miriam, and Dick
are ready for another Convention.
Gary T. signs up a climber. Terry is ready to time
the next climber.

Orientation Knot Instructions Finished Bowline
Bill gets ready to make a
120 meter knot climb.
Miriam gets ready to
run the rack for Bill..
Bill makes a knot climb
look really easy.

Rope Anchors Mitchell System Frog System
A climber gets ready
at the mark.
Heavy training pays off
with a good time.
Steve enjoys watching the
climbers make good time.

Attempting a Prusik Teaching a Prusik Climbing with Prusiks
Bill B. makes sure everyone gets
a good supply of Section gear.
Bill T. makes ready
for his time on the rope.
Terry, Bill, John, and Bill get
ready for the Vertical Awards.

Cable Ladder Youngster on a Cable Ladder Threading a Rack
Avis wins another award
for her great climb.
Rory takes home a rope
for his great effort.
Section leaders gather at the
signing of Bill's book.

Starting to Rappel At the Bottom
Dick gladly signs a caver's
copy of the new book.
Section members gather together
at the Friday night Banquet.


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