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Shippensburg, PA

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Photos are courtesy of Gene Harrison (GH) and Gary Bush (GB).

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A "frogger" goes for his best time in the Climbing Contest. (GH) Frog Systems are becoming more common in the
Climbing Contest. (GH)
Peter makes his run up the rope. (GH)

Orientation Knot Instructions Finished Bowline
Miriam closes in on the end mark of the 120 meter rope. (GH) Gary and Terry instruct climbers on the Rebelay Course. (GH) Terry instructs a climber as another student watches. (GH)

Orientation Knot Instructions Finished Bowline
John describes the intricacies of a system, while Gary readies the next climber for the
Rebelay Course. (GH)
John shows how the right length adjustments make the system easier to use. (GH) Gary instructs the safest way to cross a redirector. (GH)

Orientation Knot Instructions Finished Bowline
Gary describes how to safely resume rappeling past a rebelay. (GH) John and a student share a laugh at the Rebelay Course. (GH) A student completes a transfer from climbing to rappeling and prepares to descend. (GH)

Orientation Knot Instructions Finished Bowline
Terry shows how to sagely rappel past a rebelay. (GB) John shares his years of expertise with a group of students. (GB) Terry conducts the section meeting, along with the rest of the Board. (GB)

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