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  The books listed below should provide a good overview of the equipment, techniques, and variations to be found in the climbing community. As stated before, you can't learn to climb safely from a book. These suggested readings will supplement the training you receive from your instructor. There are many books on the topic of climbing, these represent only a small sample.

  • Smith, Bruce and Padgett, Allen.   On Rope, New Revised Edition. Huntsville, AL: NSS, 1996.
  • McClurg, David R.   Adventure of Caving. Carlsbad, NM: D&J Press, 1986.
  • Robbins, Royal.   Basic Rockcraft. Glendale, CA: La Siesta Press, 1971.
  • Vertical Section.   Nylon Highway,   1974 - 2015.
    (See the Indexes to past issues on the Nylon Highway Page.)

Some of these books are available from the NSS Bookstore. Please patronize the NSS!


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