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  1. Message From The Editor, by Wm Shrewsbury

  2. Secrets I Was Never Told, by Bruce Smith

  3. Notes From The Internet #1 - Left-Handed Racks, by Wm Shrewsbury

  4. Rigging A European Pit, translated by Peter Grant

  5. Tying The Münter Hitch, by Lee Trowbridge

  6. Rope Centering On A Narrow Rack, by Ron Simmons

  7. Safety & Rescue: There Are Limits, by Bruce Smith

  8. How Well Do You Know Your Knots?, by Bruce Smith

  9. Making The Most Of Climbing Practice, by Kevin Harris

  10. How-To Books Worth Reading, by Bill Mixon

  11. Reminders For Safe Caving, by Miriam Cuddington

  12. Minutes Of The 1996 VS Meeting, by Bill Bussey

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