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  1. Some Thoughts on Using Rappel Racks as Belay Devices,
      by Carroll Bassett

  2. Mechanics of Friction in Rope Rescue,
      by Stephen W. Attaway, Ph.D.

  3. Notes on Alpine-style SRT,
      Reprinted from Sherry Mayo's Cave Page

  4. Treasurer's Report - 1998 Meeting, by David Joaquim

  5. Secretary's Report - 1999 Meeting, by David Joaquim

  6. Treasurer's Report - 2000 Meeting, by David Joaquim

  7. Bolts To Avoid, by Duane Raleigh

  8. Slow-Pull Testing Of The "Double Overhand On Itself" Tie,
      by Collin O'Neill

  9. Water Knot Testing, by Tom Moyer


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