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  1. Biner Blocks, Pull Cords, and All That Stuff   (PDF, 145Kb), by Tom Jones

  2. Guidelines for the Permanent Marking of Hardware,   (PDF, 217Kb), by SMC

  3. Preferred Knots for Use in Canyons,   (PDF, 581Kb), by David Drohan

  4. Results of the 1st World Caving Games,   (PDF, 1.2Mb), by Sergio Garcia-Dils de la Vega

  5. A Simulation Of Climbing & Rescue Belays   (PDF, 2.1Mb), by Tom Moyer

  6. Rope Breakage   (PDF, 1.5Mb), by Kolin Powick

  7. Minutes of the 2007 VS Meeting,   by Bill Boehle

  8. Secretary's Report - 2007,   by Bill Boehle

  9. Treasurer's Report - 2007,   by Bill Boehle

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