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2003 Vertical Techniques Workshop Photos

Porterville, CA

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Photos are courtesy of Barbara Ritts

Registrtation Getting Ready Family Support
Students register with Lynn
to begin the Workshop
Students get into their
harnesses to get ready to climb
Family support helps the
student get over the jitters

Orientation Knot Instructions Finished Bowline
Orientation: Terry Talks ...
Students Listen!
Vance teaches how to tie
a bowline.
A bowline with a safety tie

Rope Anchors Mitchell System Frog System
Rope anchors can be creative as Gary demonstrates Ernie demonstrates the Mitchell system to students The Frog System is the most widely used climbing system in the world

Attempting a Prusik Teaching a Prusik Climbing with Prusiks
Student attempts to tie a Prusik climbing knot under Don's watchful eye. Don shows how the Prusik knot should be tied Successfully climbing with a Prusik knot system

Cable Ladder Youngster on a Cable Ladder Threading a Rack
Students learn to safely climb a cable ladder with a belay Younger students also learn to easily climb cable ladders Learning to properly thread the climbing rope through a rappel rack

Starting to Rappel At the Bottom Bobbin Rappel
The first step in rappelling is a long one ... and scary Successfully reaching the bottom usually brings on a second try Students learn to rappel with a bobbin, too.

Double Bungee Ropewalker Getting Instruction on Ropewalker Self-starting a Ropewalker
The Double-Bungee Ropewalker is most common in the U.S. Getting instruction on adjusting strap lengths to get a longer step Learning to self-start with a ropewalker to get off the floor


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