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2009 Vertical Section Photos

Kerrville, TX

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Photos are courtesy of Dick Mitchell.

Registrtation Getting Ready Family Support
Even Bill has to sign up
to climb in the contest.
Bill and Miriam discuss
the details of the contest.
The current records are on display and updated daily.

Orientation Knot Instructions Finished Bowline
Bill works hard at every Convention so members can have the latest in Section gear. Climbers came from all over the world to compete at this year's ICS in Texas. Climbers of all ages compete for prizes and to do their personal bests.

Rope Anchors Mitchell System Climbing with Prusiks
She shows how much fun it is to climb in the contest. Father and son have a family Race-Off. Dad showed his stuff. Avis shows she has the "right stuff" to compete and set records.


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