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2011 Vertical Section Photos

Glenwood Springs, CO

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Photos are courtesy of Gary Bush.

Registrtation Getting Ready Family Support
John is great at helping climbers adjust their systems to the highest efficiency.. It's always busy during the Climbing Contest. Bill and John study the current World Records for the Climbing Contest.

Orientation Knot Instructions Finished Bowline
Bill C., Bill B., Ray, and Miriam keep the Contest running smoothly. The Vertical Section Meeting is well attended in Colorado. The members in the meeting pay attention to the announcements.

Orientation Knot Instructions Finished Bowline
Ginny, Bruce, and Mike share a light moment at the Friday evening Awards Banquet. The Boehle's, the Cuddington's, and the Clark's enjoy their company at the Banquet. Dick is rightfully proud of his NSS Fellow Award, given at the Banquet.


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