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2012 Vertical Techniques Workshop Photos

Lewisburg, WV

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Photos are courtesy of Dick Mitchell (DM), Mike Rusin (MR), and Gary Bush (GB)

Terry gets ready for another Workshop. He makes it happen. (DM) The class watches the training video, showing the different systems. (DM) Terry goes over the rules and procedures with the class. (DM)

Bob helps his student attach her Frog System. (DM) The Section appreciates the support of one of its most prolific donors. (DM) Gary and Linda celebrate his birthday during the Workshop. (DM)

It's a big cake. But it couldn't hold all those candles. (MR) The Knot-Tying Station prepares to show the students all the twists and turns. (GB). The Rappel Station teams showed students both the rack and the bobbin. (GB)


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